A Thousand Reasons to enter UK Web Archive

We have just completed the licensing process that will allow the British Library to add A Thousand Reasons and its content to the UK Web Archive, which “contains sites that reflect the rich diversity of lives and interests throughout the UK”.

Allowing the site’s content to be added to the archive will ensure that it is accessible for many years to come, something that is difficult for individual sites to achieve.

"@lindasgrant In 1986 told by GP that men better GPs cos when employ man ‘get wife too’ but when employ woman her husband ‘has his own life’"

— khcheck

"@lindasgrant: 1998ish, friend’s 5 year old sister asked my mother her job, mom said “doctor,” sister corrected “Oh you mean nurse.”"

— startledoctopus

"@lindasgrant i got laid off even tho I was always on time with projects & early & I had least amount of bugs than other MALE prgmrs on team"

— jynclr

",@lindasgrant e90s maj mag considered requiring nylons w/skirts. Backed down but we were going 2 wear them in our hair."

— DorothyHearst

"@k00m @lindasgrant Selling PCs I was fobbed off with “Sorry darling, don’t need a washing m. today” Doing degree in computing at the time…"

— elindanielsen

"@lindasgrant told by RAC man to tell mechanic that boyf had lookd up car part to use on my car. Rather than say I did it. Loved ur article!"

— KateEPugh

"@lindasgrant Presenting at tech tradeshow, attendees only asked my male teammates about the code, despite having written most of it myself."

— riblah

"@lindasgrant R&D Internship to gain my M.Tech. Male student put to work- I had to mind owner’s kids: Wife away he needed a “substitute” 2003"

— elindanielsen